iSphere was started in 2007 with the goal to help startup and middle-sized companies with technical expertise to get ideas up and running without complex technical solutions.

The expertise came from building a platform that disrupted the Scandinavian construction industry with a process tool for managing and collaborating on drawings, revisions, versions and tendering.

The goal is always to keep technology down to earth to give the clients a better insight into what they are building and giving them a chance to find new resources and run everything by themself.

iSphere started using Amazon Web Services in early 2008 before it became popular with cloud services and have been using AWS and Azure for every project they have been involved in since then.

iSphere has a long history outsourcing to many different regions in the world from England to Vietnam but has built a strong, long going, relation to Ukraine.

We believe in building small specialized squad teams that create a more agile culture that gets things done.

We strive to be a critical player when the client needs to take strategic decisions and keeps a proactive approach to market trends to keep a dynamic culture where change is a good thing.